5 Ice Bath Myths Busted

1. They're dangerous.

As long as you understand how to use an ice bath correctly, you will be fine. It's always important that you seek advice from a medical professional when trying ice baths for the first time.


2. The longer you stay in, the better.

Spending too long in an ice bath could put you at risk of hypothermia. It is recommended to never exceed more than 15 minutes at a time. The colder the water, the less time you should spend in the ice bath.


3. They kill muscle gains.

We promise you, there's more to be gained from using ice baths than can ever be taken. 

However, knowing when to use an ice bath if you're looking to build muscle is important. Inflammation is crucial when working to gain muscle, so wait at least 4 hours after training. 

To ensure you avoid this, we recommend ice baths first thing in the morning. 


4. Go as cold as you can.

We definitely do not recommend this, especially if you have never done an ice bath before. 

If it feels uncomfortable to you, you're doing it right - even if it's just a bit chilly. There's no need to go crazy on the ice, just keep getting colder each time. 


5. You're not strong enough.

Many of us have a fear of the cold. This is completely normal but don't let it stop you. 

Our fears are there to be challenged. They are simply something we create with our mind and we have the power to do them anyway. 

Once you've done it once, you can do it again and again and again...


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