Caffeine & Cold Therapy - Ice Baths over coffee

Caffeine doesn't actually boost energy levels. It works by temporarily blocking your adenosine receptors. This promotes feelings of wakefulness, without actually enhancing the energy levels in your body.


Many of us will find ourselves reaching for a cup of coffee to cure our low energy levels, without actually getting to the root cause of it.

There are many underlying health issues which can lead to chronic fatigue, so in order to achieve optimal health, this needs to be addressed.

Stress, anemia, disease or viral infections could be the reason why you are suffering with tiredness.

Now, we aren't saying that coffee is all bad. In moderation, it can actually have some positive affects on your health.

However, using it to try to boost your energy throughout the day is a big no.

If you're struggling with your energy, give yourself a quick boost using breathwork, cold therapy and staying well hydrated.

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