Ice Baths - Backed by Science

Everyone is talking about how great ice baths are but if you've yet to try it, you may want to know the studies behind it...


Read on for some benefits and the evidence to support them.



"The ice bath and the compression from the water pressure cause constriction of blood vessels.


The cold temperature will also reduce swelling and tissue breakdown. Ice water immersion is also said to be able to shift lactic acid.


Upon getting out, the muscle tissue begins to warm up, assisting in relaxation of muscles." - study from Ohio State Wexner Centre




"Fatigue, muscle soreness and joint pain can become an issue when it comes to performance.


Cold water immersion was an effective recovery tool after high-intensity exercise, with positive outcomes occurring for muscular power, muscle soreness."


- study from Australian Commonwealth Department of Education and Training




Cold water therapy can stimulate our body's immune system, which could improve our ability to fight illness.


Cold water immersion (CWI) has been shown to provide long-lasting positive changes, not only to our immune system, but also our lymphatic system and circulatory systems."


- study from National Library of Medicine



The cold water immersion group felt less negative mood disturbance on all sub-scales, and showed significantly increased vigour and esteem-related effects.


Significant improvement in total mood disturbance, which occurred through a reduction in all negative mood sub-scales and an increase in all positive mood sub-scales.


- study from Lifestyle Medicine


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