Ice Baths in Winter? It's the way to go!

During winter, the last thing you probably feel like doing is getting even colder in an ice bath... but a cold plunge during the cooler months could make huge impacts on your mental health and immune system.


You might find that this time fills you with dread. Colds and viruses circulate and the blues kick in, wishing for warmer summer days. But instead, we can look at this as a time to replenish, take stock and position ourselves for a great summer.


First of all, if you're taking an ice bath in Australia in the summer months, you'll likely need a fair bit of ice. Although you've got a bit of warm sun to look forward to after your recovery, nature isn't really on your side when it comes to cold water. 


For cold water immersion, the optimum temperature is below 15 degrees, around 8-10 is perfect. During the winter time, depending on where you're located, you might find that the tap runs out this cold... no ice required. So you'll save yourself time and money without having to go and get ice!


In terms of your health, ice baths and extreme cold exposure are excellent in boosting your immune system. The better your immune system, the more resilient you are to all those bugs floating around. 


Mentally, the cooler months can feel a bit less inspiring. Giving your mindset and endorphins a good boost might just make you feel a bit more motivated and optimistic. 


If you're looking for an ice bath for sale in Australia, Icebolt Recovery is the simple and affordable solution. 

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