OVERCOMING YOUR FEAR OF THE COLD - Taking a Plunge in to an Ice Bath

The main reason why people don’t want to jump in an ice bath? Fear of the cold.

So how can we push past this?

The cold isn’t something we as humans are generally used to.

When it’s cold outside, we wear extra clothing. When it’s cold inside, we turn on the heating. When the shower is running cold, we wait until it’s hot to get in.

Before an ice bath, we recommend you give it a reason. Setting an intention as to why you want to use an ice bath is a good place to start. 

• To ease aches or pains
• To improve your health
• To enhance your performance
• To help to de-stress
• To improve your mental health

Putting a ‘why’ behind anything gives you more reason to do it.

Then, acknowledge that fear is just a feeling.

Getting in to an ice bath is just a neutral exercise. The only reason why it is scary is because you decided it is. You can choose again.

As we are in control of our feelings, feel in to having already done it. Feel the accomplishment, the high and the buzz of completing a few minutes in there.

Then, take a deep breath and step in.

The same applies to anything in your life.

You’ve got this.
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