THE COMFORT ZONE - How Using Ice Baths Can Help You Break Through Yours

If you feel like you have got a lot more to give, your comfort zone could be what's holding you back.

As ice bath enthusiasts, we love the technique of cold therapy to help you push past your fears and expand your capabilities but growing your comfort zone really doesn't need to be complicated.


What is a comfort zone?

The comfort zone is the conditions, patterns and behaviours that we feel safest with. The comfort zone is where we always revert back to.


Why does this happen?

Everyone has their own comfort zone. This is how we know to be and the way we feel safe.

Throughout life, we become accustomed to surroundings and ways of behaving. This is what feels the most natural to us.


Why is this useful?

Back in our primal times, staying within the comfort zone would keep us safe from danger.

Nowadays, it’s our way of trying to get through life with ease.


Why is this a problem?

Staying within the comfort zone may feel safe but within this safety, there’s very little growth.

We as humans are capable of a lot - but if we don’t challenge ourselves, we may never live up to our full potential.


What can you do?

Exceeding your comfort zone is a life long process. The more break throughs you have, the more you are likely to achieve.

It may be as simple as going that extra km on a run or even speaking in front of a large group.

If it feels uncomfortable, that’s actually a good thing! Your comfort zone has expanded.


If you're ready to expand your comfort zone, try the Icebolt Recovery. Our best-selling ice bath in Australia is a powerful and fast way to unleash your potential.

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