WHAT'S BETTER? Cold Showers vs. Ice Baths


We are often asked “why would I use an ice bath when I can just have a cold shower?”.

Whilst we absolutely recommend a cold shower, it just doesn’t compare to fully submerging your body in ice cold water! 

When taking an ice bath, we recommend anywhere between 3-10 minutes in 3-10 degrees. Our general rule of thumb being a degree per minute.

Cold showers can get pretty cold but without ice, it doesn’t have the same effect.

By fully immersing yourself in icy water, your body responds through a cascade of reactions, which results in all of the incredible benefits that make ice baths so good for you and your recovery.

Mental endurance also has a huge part to play. One of the top reasons we advocate for ice baths is the mental strength required to take one. By practising regularly, you train your mind to become more resilient and also learn to combat stress. The colder the temperature, the stronger your mindset needs to be.

We love these methods of cold water therapy and believe that they should be a staple in your healthy lifestyle.

For optimal results, we recommend both! 
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