Fitness and health goes so much deeper than how active you are. The way you take care of your body around training and exercise is key.đź‘Ś

- Sleep. Getting enough sleep is crucial. As you sleep, your body works to restore and recover, as well producing hormones that aid muscle growth. By getting 8+ hours you will find that you function better and have increased energy.

- Diet. Protein intake is key for muscle growth and repair. Consuming protein before and after exercise enhances your body's recovery. Carbohydrates are also important in the restoration of your body's glycogen levels, so make sure to consume after an intense workout.

- Hydration. Becoming dehydrated can impair your muscles ability to repair themselves. Ensuring that you consume plenty of water replenishes the vitamins and minerals lost through sweat.

- Cold therapy. Exposing your body to extremely cold temperatures reduces pain and inflammation, as well as speeding up recovery times and reducing the risk of injury.

- Massage. Getting deep in to your muscles helps to relieve any soreness as well as stimulating cell recovery. If you're experiencing pain, massage is a great way to ease inflammation.

We advise making these factors just as important as getting in your exercise, so you can unleash your full potential 🙌
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