THE FACTS ABOUT ICE BATHS - And why you should be doing them!

Ice baths have been a staple for athletes for a long time but for those that don’t know, they’re really starting to catch on - for many good reasons. 

Strenuous workout calls for adequate recovery.

Making time for an ice bath in your routine will help with the following -

- Inflammation and soreness.
The constriction of blood flow to the muscles relieves build up of inflammation and aches and pains from exercise.

- Blood flow.
Whilst blood vessels constrict, blood rushes to protect your vital organs. This encourages your cardiovascular system to work more efficiently.

- Reduced risk of injury.
Whether you’re already suffering from injury or not, ensuring you recover after training helps to repair muscle damage.

- Mental health.
Ice baths increase dopamine by up to 250%, along with a noradrenaline by 530%. In the cold, your body will produce more feel good chemicals to overcompensate, leaving you feeling on top form.

Plus so much more!

Keep up performance, don’t compromise on recovery.
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