If you're training hard, the way you recover is vital. Follow our top tips for CrossFit recovery so that you can keep up your performance. 🔥
KEEP MOVING - Light intensity exercise after a heavy training session helps promote blood flow. A walk or light stretching can really help to flush out lactic acid build up.
ICE BATHS - Contrasting heat is a great way of getting the blood pumping to clear out any excess build up through high intensity exercise. Taking a hot shower will cause blood vessels to dilate then jumping in to an ice bath will cause blood vessels to constrict. Alternating between the two acts as a pump, as well as easing soreness and inflammation.
NUTRITION - Protein and carbohydrates are so important for muscle growth and repair. Consuming an efficient amount of both right after training helps to refuel and replenish, as well as assisting with the gains.
HYDRATION - A serious amount of water can be lost through sweat. Our bodies need water to function, so ensuring that you maintain hydration is crucial. Make sure to drink water throughout training and plenty afterwards.
REST - As we sleep, our bodies work to recover and restore, so getting an adequate amount of sleep is not to be overlooked. So switch off the phone early and take the time to read, meditate and unwind to get 8+ hours each night.
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