Based on the Gold Coast of Australia, Icebolt Recovery strives to provide a convenient and affordable solution to ice baths and cold water recovery that you can access any time you choose.

We wholeheartedly believe in the physical benefits of submerging the body in ice cold water for optimal recovery, as well as the many positive impacts on the mind and mental well-being. 

Our goal is to deliver a powerful product alongside an extensive offering of knowledge to enhance the lives of absolutely everyone.


Recovery is the foundation of a strong mind and body, so I felt inspired to deliver a product that's easy to use, completely portable and affordable.

As a child, I played all kinds of sport from basketball to league. At 17 I tore my ACL and MCL playing league, which led me to have my knee reconstructed. Becoming introduced to ice baths was a game changer in helping my knee to function and eliminating pain I had been experiencing.

I've also turned to the ice when dealing with lower points in my mental health, Mental health is a cause close to my heart and I strongly believe in the power that the cold has on mental well-being.


I truly believe there's benefits in the ice for everyone.

I was surprised at how much of an impact ice baths had on me and my physical health. Becoming consistent with cold therapy hugely boosted my energy levels and made me feel so much more agile. I feel stronger and more consistent than ever.

The goal is to make cold therapy accessible to all and provide valuable information to educate & inspire those that need it.

Cold water immersion has impacted my mind and body in so many ways, so I'm passionate about sharing this practice.