You've probably tried an ice bath before, or have at least heard of it...
But have you learned the true power & impact that the ice can have?

The secret is, if you're looking to skyrocket your performance, you've
got to go deeper



Ice is the fastest & most effective way to reduce pain and swelling.

Immersing in cold water lowers your core body temperature, constricting and slowing the flow of blood around your body. Once you get out, your core body temperature reheats and repairs damaged tissue, as well as reducing inflammation.

By relieving inflammation & repairing muscle tissue, you minimise the risk of injury & maximise your recovery.



If you're not well, you're not performing.

Cold water immersion over time can boost your health & immunity, as well as detoxify your system.

Exposure to the cold increases white blood cells. The more white blood cells you have, the stronger your immunity.

As well as this, ice bathing tightens blood vessels, which helps to flush out the lymphatic waste that can lead to illness or inflammation.



When you're cold, your body expends metabolic energy to keep you warm.

Having a strong metabolism is great for your physique, as well as having healthy brown fat. Cold water immersion activates brown fat and can be an effective method for weight loss, alongside a healthy and active lifestyle.

The more brown fat you have, the more adaptable you are to cold conditions as your body is able to generate and maintain heat.


Your mindset is the key to high level performance. Cold therapy builds resilience, sharpens your focus & boosts your mental wellbeing.

Putting yourself under voluntary stress is hugely beneficial, as it helps to build the resilience required to deal with challenges and adversity. The release of
adrenaline and norepinephrine enhances focus and motivation, as well as a spike in dopamine and serotonin which boosts your mood and improves mental