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Icebolt Recovery

Icebolt Recovery Portable Ice Bath

Icebolt Recovery Portable Ice Bath

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PRE-ORDER March 2023. All accurate updates will be provided once we receive more information on our shipment. The Icebolt Recovery bath is extremely popular so we recommend ordering to avoid missing out. 


The pop-up, portable Icebolt Recovery ice bath that's designed for simple yet powerful recovery, wherever you choose.

Icebolt Recovery provides effective physical and mental recovery for athletes experiencing painful, daily soreness and stress due to high intensity training.

By equipping you with our affordable, portable ice bath tub designed specifically to help you recover faster at any desired location and time, you can focus and train harder.

Set up quickly in two simple steps, add water and ice and enjoy.

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Made from lightweight, durable, high quality PVC that has low environmental impact.

Extremely compact for storing and travel.

Simple, two step set up that can be done in less than two minutes.

Functional and easy to use.


74cm height x 72cm width.

Designed to comfortably fit larger sizes.


Includes -

• 1 pool

• 6 plastic rods

• 1 pump

• Instructions & safety manual

Care Instructions

Do not over pump inflatable ring.

Dry and neatly fold away in a cool, dry place after using.

If you are using water over more than one recovery session, ensure that you do not leave the tub in direct sunlight. Cover over and keep water clean.

I struggled to walk and limped everywhere due to a knee and calf injury. I couldn’t even lower myself in to the bath. Now I am walking fine, progressing in my rehabilitation and feeling better not only physically but mentally & spiritually as well.



The Icebolt Recovery ice bath reduces pain, swelling and inflammation caused by sport, or even just every day life.

The cold water immersion encourages your body to regenerate and recover faster.


The constriction of blood flow encourages healthier blood flow after getting out of the ice bath, as well as promoting the production of healthier cells.

A series of chemical responses also work to refresh your mind. The release of feel good hormones enhances the mood and helps to combat stress.


Because it's addictive.

The feeling after conquering an ice bath is like no other.

Regular ice baths after training can help reduce the risk of injury and helps you to recover faster, so you can get right back to training at the top of your game.