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Icebolt Recovery

Icebolt Recovery Portable Ice Bath

Icebolt Recovery Portable Ice Bath

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The Icebolt Recovery Portable Ice Bath is the gift that keeps on giving.

Our best-selling, powerful solution is specifically for athletes looking to improve performance and speed up recovery time.

Designed with a large capacity for a full cold plunge, as well as compact, comfortable and completely affordable. It's lightweight portability makes it suitable for at home or on the go.

Enjoy enhanced performance, mental health and faster recovery with the Icebolt. 


One size fits all.

The Icebolt is designed with comfortability at the forefront.

Measuring 72x72cm.


All orders are shipped by the Icebolt Recovery team out of Gold Coast, Australia.

We endeavour to process orders between 1-3 business days.

Express orders are shipped within 48 hours.


Made from heavy-duty, durable PVC.

Built to last for years to come.

Care Instructions

Designed to be portable and easy to use.

Simply dry, fold and store away after each use.

Water can be used over a few uses if kept out of direct sunlight.

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NRL stars Euan Aitken & Andrew Fifita choose Icebolt Recovery for elite performance.

As a high-grade athlete, making time for recovery is imperative for the mind & body.

If you want to take your athletic skills to the next level, incorporating ice baths will set you apart from the rest.